Rainy night in Mexico City

Lasr week I went on a night travel in the city… it was raining so I had a great experience!


Real de Catorce, Mexico

Last year I went twice to that place in the north of Mexico, if you are attracted to abandoned places (urbex), this is the place to be for a weekend!
The town is now in the category of “Pueblo Magico” (Magical Town), which means it is touristic and safe for the visitor (maybe some things will be overpriced but overall it is ok), the magic starts when you arrive to the outside of the town and have to cover the last two kilometers inside a truck inside a tunnel, really nice!

Once in the town there are lots of places to visit: the old church, the abandoned town (in one of the hills that surround the town), and if you are more lucky you can visit some of the many abandoned houses INSIDE the town. Please note that most of all have owners so they are private and you will need some permission to do that.

So, as I was saying at the start, I went there two times, first I made astrophotography and the second more of the town, but for this post I am showing you some photos from my phone (Samsung S7edge), hope you like it and in the future I will post some night photos and other captures from there!


Abandoned town (actually is more an abandone mine)
Sunset in the abandoned town
More of the abandoned town
One of the main places
An old, really old road.
Here you can see almost all the complex.



When photographing buildings you have many choices, many options… urban photo is a whole world!

So I choose to phothopraph without filters, inside a moving car and try my best, something I really enjoy. I know there are several ways to do it better but for an adventure it was ok.

This are the best photos I made, hope you like it!

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Mexican Catrinas (1st)

  • I have a few photos of Catrinas and I want to share them with you.

This is the first post of some because I want to give a special place to each photo. The work deserves it!

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